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Create an Integration Test Project

Once the Visual Studio Extension has been installed, you should find a few more new Dynamics CRM project templates:


This template will bring the required Dynamics CRM assembly references from NuGet (see "packages.config" file) and it will give you an initial guidance with the folders you could use.

The next screenshots are based on our Framework Sample solution, whose code is completely available and where you can find a real scenario of how to use and create your different tests.


Once we have created the Integration Test project as we saw previously, we are ready to add our integration tests for Plugins and Processes, including custom workflow activities.

As you should know, these extensions can run synchronously or asynchronously (see Event execution pipeline in CRM SDK for more details), and the xRM Test Framework offers the possibility to test both models.

CRM Connection String

Integration tests are designed to connect to your CRM Test orgnisation, so that a connection string is required. xRM Test Framework uses the CrmConnection, whose connection string is specified in the project configuration file :


Next steps:

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